Post-Construction Clean-up

This is Skywalker’s first area of expertise and where we have built the bulk of our clientele. Through a five-point inspection of every site, a thorough analysis and detailed quote are provided, explaining the work to be performed and methods to be used to achieve the desired results.

Recognising that the construction process can be very damaging to the glass, Skywalker has developed the expertise to remove any kind of debris or deposit and restore glass and exterior window components to their original condition.

Through our involvement with the International Window Cleaning Association, as well as constant research on different types of glass and the way they are fabricated, we have developed methods and practices that allow us to face the many challenges that come with post-construction work and glass restoration.

We are passionate about what we have learned so far and love to share information on how to avoid scratched glass issues with our customers. Please visit our testimonials section to find out what some local developers have said about the impact that our educational seminar has had on their company and contact us to inquire about how you could benefit from such a presentation.